Welcome to TDP!

Welcome to Team Dream Physique!


Zac and I are so excited to welcome you to our new venture and thank you for checking us out! To those of you who have followed us from the very start and supported us through every stage – a huge thank you!


So at the start of this year we decided it was time for a rebrand, which quickly escalated into an entire new company ha ha! Many of you know us as ReWard Fitness and Nutrition which we started about 3 years ago now. We literally started this from our lounge room while living in Canberra and grew faster than we could ever imagine just from word of mouth!


This year is a big year of change for us and one of the major changes was our company, we decided we needed a new name, new website, new products, content, marketing … yep pretty much new everything! We recognised that as we are an online business we really need a brand which stands out and portrays 100% what we do and who we are. We also admitted to needing help with this and couldn’t have pulled this off without the outstanding help and guidance from our branding and marketing team – you guys rock!


So here we are in our new space and cannot wait to welcome new clients onto our team and look forward to hearing what you think of our new look!


From now Zac will be 100% coaching clients and I am your go to for all other contest related info and questions (think memberships, bikini’s, posing coaches, tanning etc).


Now let’s go smash some goals!!