Complete Contest Coaching

About this service

Contest preparation coaching for male and female competitors. Head coach and contest specialist Zac will guide you through your individual nutrition and training protocols and contest guidance coach Flic will support you through all aspects of stage preparation.


  • One on one, online coaching
  • Nutrition and training guidelines
  • Set meal plans and IIFYM coaching
  • Catering for allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements
  • Weekly check in
  • Fortnightly check in phone calls until 12 weeks from contest then weekly calls until contest day
  • Unlimited contact for questions and advice
  • Access to our coaching app
  • Access to our Facebook Group
  • Full support leading into your contest through assistance with posing coaching, tanning/hair/makeup, bikini/heels/posing trunk selection and guidance with federation membership, entry requirement and division selection
  • Backstage support on contest day (for local contests only)
  • Upon joining our team, you will receive a link to set up your account on our coaching app and complete our online consultation forms. Zac will review your information and contact you to discuss your optimal preparation duration and appropriate contest (we generally work with clients for 12-24 weeks)

Complete Contest Coaching

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